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Illustrator Drawings


Beach Ball




Ice Cream Cone

Mezmerize Wallpaper


This is the final piece of retro wallpaper that I did.


This is one piece of retro wallpaper that I created.


This is the piece I recreated.

Adina Popescu. . “Warren Neidich. ”  Artforum 1 Jul 2008: 453-454.  Research Library Core. ProQuest. E-Search.  17 Feb. 2009

Adina Popescu reviewed various pieces done by Warren Neidich at an Art Forum in the summer of 2008. His pieces depicted rainbow interpretations in which he used different color patterns to form a rainbow, as well as tinted glass sections which were overlapped to form various colors and shades.

Sarah Valdez. . “Warren Neidich at the Laguna Art Museum. ” Art in America 1 Feb. 2002: 133.  Research Library Core. ProQuest.  E- Search. 17 Feb. 2009

Sarah Valdez reviews Warren Neidich’s work surrounding the O.J. Simpson trial at the Laguna Art Museum in Southern California. His work is of a literary pilgrimage and he uses the illusion that the pictures were shot underwater. He used certain colors and artistic techniques to depict how the media is in reality.

Cathy Lebowitz. . “Warren Neidich at Steffany Martz. ”  Art in America 1 Apr. 1998: 120.  Research Library Core. ProQuest.  E-Search 17 Feb. 2009

Cathy Lebowitz reviewed Warren Neidiche’s work at his second solo at Steffany Martz studio. The ideas he brought to the show were ones that presented ideas of cognitive and perceptual brain function. One of his pieces contained encrypted messages through the use of alphabet cereal.

Paul, Christine. Digital Art. United States of America: Thames & Hudson world of art. 2003. pg.51.

Christine Paul explores the importance of visual signs. The pieces done by Warren Neidich, “Conversation Maps” show how he took actual conversations done in sign language and created them into a meaningful image.