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TRON Legacy Costume

Here are photos of my 2011 Halloween costume as Sam Flynn from TRON Legacy.  I basically used an old neopreen wetsuit and a thin nylon wetsuit as the base for the light suit.  I added white shower curtain liner to create the white spots on the suit and finally added blue EL wire to the entire costume.  It was powered on 3 EL converters.  The disc was a novelty item purchased online for the costume.


Done in Photoshop as a self-portrait.  I was going for a levitation effect with the guitar in my hands.  My inspiration for this piece came from a photo I saw of the band Between The Buried And Me.

For this assignment I had to create a company and design a logo for that company.  With the logo and company name in mind I had to create a business card, envelope and letterhead.  The company I came up with was the Blue Koi Sushi Bar.  Everything in this assignment was done in In Design.

In this project I had to choose a quote and make the quote into a graphic piece.  The quote I chose was “Don’t run if you don’t know your walk”.  These are three variations of what I came up with. No. 1 being the first idea all the way to the final draft No. 3.  I used In Design mainly with a few attributes imported from Photoshop.

This project gave us the opportunity to choose a company and create magazine advertisements for them.  The company I chose was blueseventy swim suits and these are two ads I created using Photoshop and In Design.  I kept things kind of simple yet satirical enough to catch a readers attention.  I also included potential sponsors of the swim suit such as The Olympics, NCAA and tri-athlete companies.